Basted for Bond: Examining Daniel Craig’s Brunello Cucinelli Clothes


This new infographic breaks down Daniel Craig’s light brown wool, linen and silk jacket with his khaki aged cotton gabardine trousers from Spectre, both made by the Italian fashion brand Brunello Cucinelli. Here we can see what makes these clothes different from the Tom Ford clothes in Spectre, though much of the details are the same because the clothes from both brands are following many of the same fashion trends of the mid 2010s. I’ll let the graphic say the rest.


  1. Matt would you call the jacket a sports jacket? it is casually cut and unstructured. In my opinion it wouldn’t look great as apart of a suit.

    • I could call this a sports jacket. It is sporty based on the cloth, the slanted pockets and the buttoning lapel. But it is a bit removed from the heritage of more traditional sports coats.

  2. I’ve actually spoke to Jany Temime about the Brunello Cucinelli jacket worn by Craig in Spectre. She said she picked out a few different jackets and trousers for Craig to wear in the film from Brunello Cucinelli and Craig picked the light brown jacket and the khaki trousers himself. It was inspired by Sean Connery’s brown tweed jacket and fawn trousers in Goldfinger, but a warm weather version.

  3. Is the “quarter lining” supposed to make the jacket cooler to wear? I would have guessed that three buttons make things a bit ‘busy’ on shorter length jackets, and would so have looked marginally better with two or one.

    • Yes, by leaving the back unlined it wears cooler. Some warm weather jackets even leave out lining in the front and just have it at the shoulders and sleeves so it’s easy to put on and move in.

  4. There is nothing about Cucinelli’s clothes that make them worth the outrageous prices. They are marketed to IGents who are more concerned with designer labels than fit or tailoring. Take away the label and you couldn’t sell his stuff for a fraction of the price.

    • Actually, it’s usually the iGents who avoid brands like Brunello Cucinelli because of the label and awkward fit. But the make of the clothes is still very good, if overpriced.

      • The iGent is the man who dresses for the internet and the “rules” created by those on the internet (many of which have a historical basis, and many do not). The iGent typical eschews designer labels and current fashions in favour of traditional styles. I’m an iGent of sorts, though I look beyond the internet for my inspiration.

    • Interesting. By that definition, I am an iGent since I eschew modern trends for more traditional tailoring and look primarily to this blog as a source of information regarding the rules of dress!

  5. The trousers are cut too low and there is not enough contrast between the jacket and the pants (although that might have more to do with the filter used by the cinematographer than a problem with the clothes). That said, I liked this outfit quite a bit overall when finished off with the cocktail cuff shirt and knit tie.

  6. Other names for fishmouth lapels are Parisian lapels or cran Necker (French for “Necker lapel”). Apparently it’s a variation that was popularized in Paris and is a more common variation there than in the English speaking world, similar to Tautz lapels in Central Europe.

  7. I’d say the jacket Craig wore in the film was a size 40. it looks tighter and smaller because of the way jackets are cut in the mid 2010’s. it is as if a size 38 is a size 36 and a 40 a 38 or a 42 a 40, so forth. Do you agree Matt ?

    • It’s difficult to say. Craig doesn’t wear it buttoned much in the film, and it still doesn’t have a great fit. It’s still a size too small in the chest for him.

    • I think Ryan is spot-on; I normally wear a 42R, but recently I bought a tweed sport coat of recent make in a 44L and it fit me quite well.

    • I agree with Ryan, particularly with regard to the SPECTRE clothes. Last year I bit the bullet and bought the blue Prince of Wales suit from the Mexico City opening scene. I wear a 42R and Tom Ford’s 54R, which is more like a US/UK 43, fits like a glove. I know they say that the block for the O’Connor suits was based on Daniel Craig’s measurements, but I think he’d be well advised to go up one size! That said, I think this Brunello jacket and the white dinner jacket don’t have the fit problems that the O’Connor suit coats have in SPECTRE (which, as I’ve said before, is a big improvement over Skyfall!)

  8. The fit is amazing, however I think that the color’s combination and fit owe a lot to the weather condition under which the sequence was filmed (a living hell of sand) than any Craig or Termine’s choice. Now it’s just me. Last year I found the brown jacket in France but I failed to locate a trouser similar to the one Craig wears. Last word, I thought that the O’Connor suit worn in Mexico or London is a scam considering its price and the result on screen


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