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The standout suit from No Time to Die is the pinwale corduroy Massimo Alba ‘Sloop’ suit. My From Tailors with Love co-host Peter Brooker and I spoke with Massimo Alba about his involvement with No Time to Die, and he returned these answers to us.

What lead you to start a clothing line?

The passion for clothes, it just happened. After 20 years as a creative director for different brands I decided to take the risk to express my creative vision through clothes, to be exactly who I wanted to be, not necessarily following the rules and feeling totally free and comfortable about what I desired, without any marketing conditioning.

Daniel Craig in the Massimo Alba Sloop suit in No Time to Die

Were you involved with any costuming decisions for No Time to Die, or did the film production only purchase the clothes from you without any collaboration?

The film production simply asked for our lookbook and selected the suit, the duster-coat and the trousers in baby corduroy and a belt.

Was Daniel Craig a client before you got the call for No Time to Die?

I can’t tell you, I saw some pictures in Instagram…of Daniel Craig wearing the SCOOP cashmere cardigan which is one of our iconic sweaters, but also one of our watercolour shirt.

Are you a James Bond fan?

I’ve seen all the James Bond movies and I can’t wait to see this one.

Why do you think your brand is a good choice for James Bond?

I like to think that the person who chose this new suit for James Bond picked up on my vision about clothes. In some respects it feels like a recognition of what I’ve been trying to achieve from the very beginning, with the first collection. I think and realized that men were embracing a fresh mind-set and looking for a new approach to clothing.

Daniel Craig wearing braces with the Massimo Alba Sloop suit in No Time to Die

How do you feel about James Bond wearing braces with the cord suit? This has been a controversial subject.

If they used them, it means it’s fine. I trust the production, personally I don’t have anything against braces.

The green duster coat is a fantastic item. How did you originally envision the coat to be worn?

Exactly the way Bond is wearing it. Personally I like it with a very simple cashmere round neck sweater.

Daniel Craig in the Massimo Alba duster coat in No Time to Die

Do you have any other items that you think would be a good choice for James Bond to wear in future films?

Sure, we have a big collection, personally I really would like to see Bond with our cashmere crew neck SPORT sweater, or with the SCOOP cardigan that Daniel Craig use to wear in the private life, I saw a very nice picture of him in Instagram.

@whatsdanielwearing on Instagram shared some great photos of Daniel Craig in the Massimo Alba cardigan. See below:


  1. Good article, very interesting. I’ve read something about the belt in the ajb007 forum. Do you have further informations? Do you think it’s the one worn during the winch pants in Matera or could it be the one during the Norway scenes? If you look at the BTS photos from Greg Williams a piece of a belt seems popping out

  2. After owning a linen shirt from Massimo Alba (which I bought back in 2017) I’m growing to appreciate this brand even more, as they clearly “get it” – they do have an eye for detail and they do it at a sensible price range (unlike some overpriced brands that charge exorbitantly for no reason).
    Personally I’m welcome to anything new Bond wears as long as it falls under the “complex simplicity” definition (for Craig it’s more “fussy minimalism”). I don’t understand the hate corduroy gets (maybe because I’m in a younger generation with geography teachers wearing T-shirts and sweaters), and I love how Craig’s selection of the Sloop suit is almost like a middle finger to such outdated perceptions of corduroy.
    Plus, I’d like to think readers of this blog have an eye to distinguish one corduroy from another.

  3. Interesting to read an interview with someone that is involved with making the clothes in the new James Bond film. I think that it is interesting that they decided to do different things with this outfit. I know this will be the first time James Bond is wearing braces with a suit that is not involved with Black tie. Also, correct me if I am wrong but will this be the first time James Bond is wearing a button down collar with a tie?

    • I love this suit! I bought it from Massimo Alba and completed the whole look with the Brunello Cucinelli Shirt, Drake shoes, Alexander Olch tie, Albert Thurston braces and the beautiful Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra.
      If you want to see pictures, head over to my Instagram page: james_bond_style

  4. So far in Bond 25 photos, we’ve see Bond wearing a button-down collar, a tab collar and a plain collar with suits.

    Is this the first time we’ve seen a range? I thought we usually have one model of suit and shirt per film, or have I missed something?

      • Thank you for getting back to me!

        It looks like the NTTD Tom Ford suits are largely similar in design, which makes this suit really stand out more.

        With a collection of similar suits, I guess having a range of shirt designs is a nice way to add variety(?)

      • It is a nice way to have some variety. I like how Lazenby has two different collar designs with his suits, plus a different collar for the wedding. But none of his collars stand out as so different in the way the No Time to Die collars do.

  5. Heyup Matt; just wondered if this ensemble during what I assume to be a photo op for a press interview is worth its own minor post? –

    I’m certain it’s Craig’s personal clothing and not him dressed in character. I like the freshly glowing white contrasted with his tan and a dark navy necktie. Just wondering if the shoes are a mistake – I’d have gone for a dark shoe to compliment the dark tone of the necktie, or just gone without a tie and worn a button-down in place to keep it all light.

    • This outfit has potential, but the pants are too tight and bunch up over the shoes. I, too, think it would be worth a post, if for no other reason that it is reminiscent of Lazenby’s white suit in OHMSS.

  6. The coat is a fine Italian classic, but the trousers are a little too sloppily modern. Quite a mismatch there, or else the whole outfit would have been near as nevermind perfect. Corduroy just begs to have classical elements in it, especially in terms of fit.

    • I agree that the jacket looks great but the trousers need more drape for sure. Not saying they can’t be a little narrow — most of my suit trousers are. But I don’t think they should fit like jeans either. It’s still a far better suit than I see from most fashion labels however.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of a slightly higher waist, with darts for fullness, and see tapering would be nice. You’re right, though, still better than the previous disasters.

  7. Matt, i’m surprised you didn’t ask him what he thought about Bond fastening the top button. I’m a huge fan of this outfit but cannot get my head around that decision.


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