Blue Alpine Skiing in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service puts Bond on skis for the first time. George Lazenby was not allowed to be on skis for insurance reasons, and all the skiing was done by Luki Leitner or stunt double Vic Armstrong. This film also started the series’ relationship with skiier Willy Bogner and his line of clothing. Bond wears a sporty, tight-fitting blue ski suit with a white knit shirt with a short polo neck collar underneath. The ski jacket is mid-hip-length with a short stand-up collar and a zip front. The zip fastener has the famous Bogner “B” logo. The trousers are tight-fitting for wind-resistance. With the ski suit Bond wears black gloves, black ski boots and a navy blue knit hat.

According to the book The Making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Charles Helfenstein, Director Peter Hunt chose the blue ski suit because it was the same colour as the blue screen, and this would prevent the production from taking shortcuts by filming in the studio if problems arose. However, George Lazenby’s close-ups were most likely shot in the studio, perhaps using a different method.


  1. I always loved this outfit – much more flattering than the “pouffy” outfits worn by Moore and Brosnan during their skiing scenes!

  2. On a related note, who made the blue anorak snowsuit Lazenby wore at the end of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service during the assault on Piz Gloria?

    Any help would be most welcome.


  3. Not that it matters much, but the ski scenes in OHMSS were among the first in a Bond film to use Front Projection. Unlike “bluescreen”, Front Projection is an in-camera effect that requires no post-production compositing.

    Basically, the actors work in front of a screen made of a VERY reflective material called Scothlite. It’s over a thousand times more reflective than a human being. The projected background image is too faint to reflect off the actors but shows up clear as a bell on the Scothlite.

    It was the preferred method for Bond films, and was even rented out to other productions, until GoldenEye when they started using “greenscreen” instead.

  4. Diana Rigg imo the most beautiful Bond girl she has the face, the body, the attitude/ personality and defintely a sense of dressing well coming off as super chic and elegant.

  5. I was a freshman at a Boston area college in December 1969. I remember watching Lazenby appear on the Tonight Show with the EPIC first ski chase scene in OHMSS. The audience and Johnnie Carson and Ed were all mesmerized by AWESOME sights and music. When over, there was a slight pause, and suddenly thunderous applause.


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