The Air Force Blue Suit in Diamonds Are Forever


Air force blue is an often overlooked colour for lounge suits. The color is halfway between medium blue and medium grey, though a similar effect can be achieved by weaving dark blue threads with white threads, as in a pick-and-pick, nailhead or birdseye fabric.

Sean Connery’s air force blue suit from Diamonds Are Forever is sporty two-piece suit by Anthony Sinclair. Unfortunately, the picture above is all that is seen of this suit in the film. It most likely has a button two front and double vents like the other suits in the film have. Thanks to a still posted by @Thunderballs007, the suit is shown to have three open patch pockets—one breast and two hip—like the cream suit in the film. The trousers have a darted front with on-seam side pockets, a left-side coin pocket under the waistband and tapered legs like the other suit trousers in the film have.

Bond wears a cream cotton poplin shirt with a spread collar, front placket and two-button cocktail cuffs from Turnbull & Asser. The tie is solid navy blue grenadine tie from Turnbull & Asser tied in a Windsor knot.


  1. Nice suit. A little reminiscent of the Marine Blue one but, as you say, hard to see much of it to make it out properly.

    Would you consider this one from Never Say Never Again? (I know and agree it's not a proper Bond movie but)It's the season for it and the suit and the matching shirt and tie are one of Connery's all time best. Very similar in fact to Moore's Hayward ones from the sam time.

  2. Matt, can we say that the colour of Cary Grant’s suit in North by Northwest -I know the plaid pattern has certainly something to do with the real colour too- is almost an Air Force blue ? After all, it looks more grey than blue outdoor, especially in the cropduster scene, and more blue than grey when Grant is in buildings. So it’s between both colours…

  3. Is it possible that this suit is, in fact, double breasted? It also appears single-breasted to me, but it’s hard to be certain given that it’s only seen in this one small scene and much of it is obscured by the railing. The reason I suspect it may be is because it strikes me as odd that Sean Connery wouldn’t wear one double-breasted suit the entire film – from what I understand, they were back in fashion in 1971, and both George Lazenby and Roger Moore wore double-breasted in the preceding and following Bond films.

    • George Lazenby didn’t wear any double-breasted suits, only a double-breasted blazer. From the angle of the opening I don’t think it’s likely that it’s a double-breasted suit. Anthony Sinclair made other single-breasted suits for Connery with peaked lapels, so there is a precedent for that.

  4. I am amazed that this suit was made up especially for this one scene. It’s only seen in two shots! Even then hardly any of the suit is visible. Such flamboyance! Is it likely that this suit was constructed for another scene, perhaps even another film as with some of the suits used in Goldfinger?

  5. Now you say that, I seem to remember you posting a photograph of a suit that was auctioned that was never used. A cream suit wasn’t it?

  6. Dear Matt,

    On the Thunderballs007 Instagram account as a pic of the day, there is a still of Jill St John and the Scotsman in Dover by the ship. Ms St John wears the same outfit as in the scene and Sean has what appears to be a single breasted suit with patch pockets and notch lapels. In the same series, we see it is a full suit worn with light poplin Turnbull and Asser shirt and the dark tie. It is B&W and in the full length shots, Connery has the jacket over his shoulder. Connery is visibly in costume because he has his toupee on, ready to shoot.

    Best regards,


    • Thank you for pointing this out, Eric. I will make the correction. I have been looking for such a photo for a long time to better determine the details of this outfit.

  7. Dear Matt
    I am glad I could help. I see that as a return on the input you had on my own wardrobe (turnback cuffs, cream shirts, grenadine ties, a gun club jacket, Prince of wales suits, side adjusters and an Air Force blue blazer with patch pockets).
    « Amicalement vôtre » (a friendly « Yours truly » that was the French title for The Persusders)


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