A New Podcast About James Bond Clothing


I’m excited to announce a new podcast about James Bond clothing called From Tailors with Love! Peter Brooker of Human Research and I are hosting it, and we will be talking about the Bond clothing film-by-film. Our first episode starts out with the clothes of Ian Fleming’s James Bond and how Fleming’s own tastes in clothes determined much of what James Bond wears. You can listen and subscribe at the link below:



  1. Very interesting comment, it’s a pleasure to listen to it. Maybe I’ve already asked you: which program do you use to create a visual effect of suit fabrics (e.g. the glen check one in Goldfinger’s famous suit)?

  2. Matt , were Ian Flemming’s sea island cotton shirts Poplin , End on end , Oxford or royal Oxford ?
    Also , are there any pictures of Flemming in a silk shirt ?


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