A Blue Russian Atomic Energy Agency Uniform



To infiltrate a Russian ICBM base in Kazakhstan in The World Is Not Enough, Bond poses as Russian nuclear scientist Mikhail Arkov. As a representative of the Russian Atomic Energy Agency, Bond wears a blue uniform with their logo on it. The logo comes in the forms of a small patch on the left breast pocket and a large patch on the back of a grey circle with a red star and red Greek letters alpha, sigma and delta with a grey triangle at the bottom pointing down.


The uniform is made up of matching jacket and trousers in heavy medium blue cotton. The jacket has a zip-front with a fly that fastens down with six hidden poppers. The front of the jacket has four patch pockets with pointed flaps that secure with hidden poppers. The waist cinches with a drawstring to give the oversized jacket some shape. Low armholes contribute to the jacket looking oversized. The collar stands up and can secure across the throat with a Velcroed strap. The cuffs have wide Velcro straps to tighten the sleeves around the wrist. Shoulder straps, silver reflective bands around the forearms and silver reflective strips on the upper arms detail the jacket.


The uniform trousers buckle at the waist. They have a flat front and a large cargo pocket matching the jacket’s pocket style on each leg. The bottom of each leg is finished with two silver reflective bands.

An example of the entire uniform and a separate jacket sold a Bonhams in Knightsbridge on 16 June 2009. The uniform sold for £2,400 whilst a separate lot of only the jacket sold for £2,640. According to the auction, the jacket and trousers of the uniform were both made by costumiers Angels & Bermans especially for Pierce Brosnan.


Under the uniform, Bond wears his white dress shirt from Turnbull & Asser that he was previously wearing with his midnight blue dinner suit. The shirt has a marcella spread collar, marcella double cuffs and a marcella bib front. The collar and cuffs have 1/4-inch stitching. The shirt has a plain front without a separate placket. The shirt is worn with mother of pearl studs and round cufflinks in gold and mother of pearl.

Bond wears black patent leather boots with this outfit. The boots have lug lacing and black rubber lug soles from Vibram.



  1. I’m guessing this uniform is similar to what engineers use when they work on a chemical plant or oil platform. They’re quite durable, although not very comfortable. They’re also near impossible to look good in. Well, unless you’re Pierce Brosnan of course.

  2. I think that Brosnan looks great in it. A good way to show that wearing a jacket loosely can work quite well too, contrary to Craig’s current style.
    The white evening shirt certainly works well with it, and it’s a funny way to reuse it.
    Yes, I quite like this outfit, even if from a sartorial point of view it’s not interesting.

  3. I always loved how no one remarks on “Mikhail Arkov” wearing French cuffs and cufflinks with this utility uniform.


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