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How to Wear Black Tie (A Tuxedo) Like James Bond

...fictional. Whether you call it a dinner suit, dinner jacket, evening suit, tuxedo or tux (but please don’t!), 007 sets the ultimate example for how to follow the black tie dress code. Bond usually follows traditional protocol for the black tie dress code, but there is a certain way to follow the protocol if you want to wear black tie like Bond. What follows is a summary of Bond’s usual black tie styles. It doesn’t cover all black tie outfits Bond...

The California Tuxedo: A Blazer and Khaki Trousers in Moonraker

...blue blazer and khakis, which is sometimes referred to as the “California Tuxedo”. It’s probably called such because its more formal than what most people wear in the casual State of California. Bond appropriately wears this outfit on his arrival in California in Moonraker. The button two blazer is made in a deep navy blue wool hopsack. Hopsack is a basket weave, seen in the illustration below: A simple hopsack weave The blazer, made by Angelo Ro...

The Trendy Medium Blue Dinner Suit (Tuxedo)

...ll likely be remembered as a style of the 2010s, just like the powder blue tuxedo will be a relic of the 1970s. Black tie is supposed to be all about the elegant contrast of black and white, and with a medium blue suit the outfit has less contrast and loses some of the elegant simplicity. Because proper midnight blue is so dark, the full contrast is still present just like it is with black. A man in black tie is traditionally a backdrop for his da...

What Makes A Tuxedo More Formal Than a Suit?

...g towards costume territory. Black tie necessitates wearing a dinner suit (Tuxedo) or a dinner jacket. What separates a dinner suit from a regular lounge suit (business suit), and why is it more formal? If we understand the ‘why’ behind the customs, it can help us wear the clothes better. The Differences Between a Suit and a Dinner Suit At its most rudimentary, a dinner suit is a black lounge suit with shiny lapel facing (usually silk satin) on th...
Skyfall Dinner Suit

Midnight Blue Dinner Suit (Tuxedo) in Macau in Skyfall

You don’t need to have seen Skyfall to have gotten a good look at the Skyfall dinner suit. Daniel Craig has already worn his midnight blue Tom Ford O’Connor dinner suit in plenty of other appearances, such as the Olympic opening ceremony and in a pre-taped sketch for Saturday Night Live. On all the Skyfall posters the dinner suit looks like bright navy, but the photos on the posters have been enhanced and doctored. The dinner suit doesn’t look ne...

What Can We Expect For Daniel Craig’s Dinner Jacket in Bond 25?

...k blue Tuxedo, I said to Sam [Mendes], ‘forget it, I cannot design another Tuxedo because that Tuxedo was so perfect.’ So the idea of having to design another Tuxedo better than that one, I just didn’t know how. So I said, let’s go in a complete different chapter. Let’s go into a white one. If Temime returns as costume designer for the next Bond film (which is likely considering he continued relationship with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli on her...

What is a Coat, Jacket, Suit, Blazer? A Glossary of These and More

...more about Roger Moore’s tan cotton trench coat in Happy Anniversary 007. Tuxedo: 1) American term for dinner suit. 2) Sometimes it is used to describe an ivory dinner jacket outside of America. 3) In the 21st century in America the term is often improperly used to describe any outfit fancier than a regular lounge suit in any colour, including tailcoats or lounge suits with unusual trim. Americans may also use it to describe any hired (rented) ou...

Studs, Buttons or Fly Front? How a Black Tie Shirt Should Fasten

The dress shirt—also called an evening shirt, a Tuxedo shirt or a formal shirt—is a shirt worn for the black tie dress code with a dinner jacket (Tuxedo) and can take a variety of front fastening styles. Studs are typically what first comes to mind for fastening a dress shirt, but other less fancy options such as buttons or a fly front on the front of a dress shirt are also perfectly acceptable in many cases. There are some guidelines as to which...