50 Years of James Bond: The Auction


Christie’s has just released the catalogue of their upcoming James Bond auction on 5 October 2012. There are items from Timothy Dalton’s, Pierce Brosnan’s and Daniel Craig’s Bond wardrobes, including items from Skyfall, plus much more. Click here to see the catalogue online. All proceeds of the auction will benefit charitable causes.


  1. I wonder if these guys made the LTK suits too – though I vaguely recall reading somewhere that they were Armani.

    The catalogue interestingly reveals that Mads Mikkelsen’s Casino Royale Dinner Jacket was also Brioni – though I’m not a huge fan of it. I have about 30 Brioni pieces bought all over the world, including 2 dinner jackets, and I am constantly amazed at how 50% of their product is exquisite and 50% blinged-up arriveste tat (albeit handmade tat). I wish they’d continued through QoS and now SkyFall… though it does look as though DC has finally found his ‘look’ in Skyfall, even if most of us aren’t fans.

    For anyone in London, the Brioni concession in Harrods has a grey sports jacket remarkably like the one James St John Smythe wears in Chantilly… if it isn’t the same fabric it is pretty close.

    • But the Brioni sports coat won’t have the soft shoulders and draped chest that St John Smythe’s had. A similar cloth is easy to find but the cut is not. Still, Brioni is always top quality and it has a unique feel that few others can match, if that’s what you like.

      • It was the fabric I meant really, not seen anything like it off the peg before… you are right about the cut of course! Have you got your Frank Foster shirts yet?

      • I actually have an off the peg sports coat made of a very similar cloth (probably heavier), but it’s from the late 60s.

        I haven’t received anything from Frank Foster yet. I’ll attempt to call next week.

      • Its a slower process with FF than it used to be – I’m hoping to get the balance of an order placed in February on Tuesday! It is, of course, worth the wait, however.

  2. Ah yes, the process of bespeaking shirts from Foster does indeed require patience, and in differing ways. The kind of wait “StJohnSmythe” mentions is standard, although he did turn one from my latest order round for me in a month as I needed it for a particular occasion.

    One other oddity with Foster is his lack of flexibility on the collar style. Yes, he will produce all manner of cuff variation but I mentioned a preference for a slightly longer collar length (3.5 inches, nothing excessive, as opposed to the 2.75 he has as his standard) and his response, inexplicable, was “too long”. He’s a pleasant fellow but I would have thought this choice was the customer’s prerogative. Then again, I have had these type of discussions with tailors etc. over the years and it’s generally a case of the choice you select being inconvenient/difficult for them to carry out. In Foster’s case though, having seen the various collars he produced for Moore and Lazenby’s shirts, I cannot see the problem??

    Re: “Licence to Kill”, the wardrobe was produced by a Beverly Hills based outfit according to information provided in the “Designing 007” exhibition in the Barbican. Can’t recall the name though. Maybe Matt can? Then again, probably best just forgetting about it entirely!

    • Foster may not have wanted to make you such a large collar because he might not have thought it would suit you. You’d have to go to a Hong Kong shirtmaker to get requests done like that. They will typically do anything you ask as long as they are capable.

      The Licence to Kill suits were said to be based on Stefano Ricci designs.

      • I take your point Matt, and I have no desire to hog the discussion with this personal digression but surely the matter of what suits the customer is a subjective one (best left to the customer) and what Foster may believe to be the case a rival shirt maker might vehemently reject?

        In any case, to take the example of Moore, (we can’t assess Lazenby as his shirts only featured in one movie) Foster produced a variety of collar lengths for him throughout his Bond tenure (aside from his “Saint” and “Persuaders” versions) starting with the shirts in LALD and TMWTGG which were tall spread collars with moderately long points, not high fashion for 1973/1974, fashionably long ones for the next two movies, and back to a tall, large spread collar for FYEO, Octopussy and AVTAK. In the latter movie he also produced button down collar shirts for Moore. Which shirt style suited him best? Subjective, although I think 1973-1974 and 1981-1983 best, the latter being my desired style choice and which, in my humble opinion, would be quite suitable for my face shape. I simply like shirts with longer collar points and I don’t care for smaller or button down ones. That’s personal preference and, I would have thought, the reason one goes bespoke.

        And it’s not as if I’m asking for anything excessive or tricky anyway. As I said earlier, tailors etc. tend to be like this. I once recall being told by a tailor, at our first meeting and fitting, not to go for double vents on the suit as a single vent looked better. What utter nonsense. I didn’t continue the arrangement!

    • I’m really surprised – did he outright refuse? he can be… quite… obtuse… sometimes… I once wanted some striped piping on the white collar of a bengal striped shirt (Stefano Ricci and others do it) and he point blank refused that! I got it done at a shirtmakers in Fulham for about £85 (the whole shirt), thouh materials and construction not as good.

      The collar thing has never been an issue though he told me Roger Moore changed his collar style a few years back (shorter points – not a great look in my view, or at least not as distinctive). I’ll ask him if you like – have you been a customer long?

      • Thanks, James Saint John Smythe. He didn’t really refuse outright but wasn’t keen on the idea. I finally coaxed him into 3.5 inch collars on the remaining shirts from my current batch. He does come out with some funny ideas though.

        His workmanship is excellent and I am very, very pleased with the overall result, barring the collars issue. I think our viewpoint on this is the same as I concur 100% with your view – “shorter points – not a great look in my view, or at least not as distinctive”.

        I have bought a total of 12 shirts from Foster including the 3 outstanding ones from my recent order, since my first order in March last year. The one he produced quickly for me, was the first I had actually worn but now I have another 8 with this collar I don’t particularly care for. If you’re talking to him feel free to mention me.

      • James, any update on your shirts or meeting with FF? I just posted off mine today, unworn thusfar, to get him to alter the collar style. Will be interesting to see how that goes.


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