50 Years of James Bond in Black Tie Infographic


I’ve created an infographic that breaks down James Bond’s 28 black tie outfits by every part of the outfit. All illustrations are based on examples from the James Bond films. For instance, the first three dinner jackets are based on the midnight blue dinner jacket from Thunderball, the black dinner jacket from Casino Royale and the ivory dinner jacket from Goldfinger. Can you figure out the where the next four dinner jacket illustrations are from?

Though there are 28 dinner jackets, there are 29 shirts. George Lazenby wears two different ruffled shirts with the same dinner jacket in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Also, shoes are unfortunately missing from this infographic since they are rarely seen in the films.

Feel free to share this infographic. You can enlarge it by clicking the image below.



  1. For the 4 following dinner jackets :
    the first one is from Skyfall, then Licence to Kill, then The Spy who loved me, then For your eyes only.

    How am I doing, Master Spaiser ? :)

  2. That’s a great post, beautiful illustrated. – Thank’s for that!

    I think the next four jackets are from Dr. No, Licence to Kill, Moonraker and A View to a Kill.

  3. Isn’t the first one from Quantum of Solace ?
    But yes, of course it is ! The five button cuffs, plus the buttonhole in the shawl collar and the pagoda shoulders…
    Great article by the way, Matt. Plus this statistical point of view is really fascinating – I was rather amazed by seeing that the notched lapel was as present as the shawl collar !

    Keep up the great work !

    • George Lazenby wears his dinner suit twice in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and he wears a different ruffled shirt each time. I didn’t count any clothes that don’t appear in the films.

  4. The two waistcoats must be Brosnan’s? Goldeneye and TND?
    Just curious, who wore the other cream shirt? I know Moore wears one when he goes to dinner with Hai Phat (excuse the possible misspell here) but can’t get the second one?
    Took me a good while to find the pale blue shirt.


  5. Very nice work Matt! It is quite entertaining and educational to see all of this in statistical form. I was also surprised that he didn’t wore the shawl collar more often. Or that in total, Bond only wore a cummerbund or waistcoat a total of 6 times.

  6. Great work! A great chronicle of Bond’s most iconic look.

    I had the one image figured for The Spy Who Loved Me, not Moonraker.

  7. It is interesting how there are sometimes ever-slight variations between one film and the next: Dr. No/FRWL, Spy/Moonraker, FYEO/OP, and TWINE/ DAD. I find it provides a nice continuity as opposed to some jarring new and often unnecessary shifts (probably helped by stable fashion trends at those times).

    • Very apt point, Christian. Given the example which was used in the last instalment and which Matt posted some time ago, one can only hope that this trend doesn’t apply this time round ;)

  8. The count of dinner jackets by color only counts 22, am I missing something?

    That said, hat’s off to a job well done!

  9. Hey Matt, are you willing to break it down by Bond or by era? It would be interesting to see the evolution of the suit as time progressed.

  10. Awesome. Although really the only piece of Bondwear I remember is the totally smooth camelhair overcoat James wore uptown to the Filet of Soul restaurant.
    R. Moore/Live And Let Die

  11. Matt–just wanted to quickly thank you for providing such a great repository of information. I relied on it to have a dinner suit made for my upcoming wedding (don’t worry, it is an evening affair) in the spirit of Sean Connery’s dinner suit in Dr. No. Among other details, I requested a midnight blue shawl collar jacket with natural-rise trousers and double forward pleats. I will let you know how it turns out!


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