(00)7 Levels of James Bond Suit Appreciation


001. You watch Bond films. You notice that James Bond sometimes is naked under the sheets but has clothes on most of the time. Just about all adult people wear clothes when they go out, and James Bond is one of those people.

002. You notice that James Bond wears suits. The suits are often dark, so you assume he wears a lot of black suits. James Bond does not wear as many black suits as you think he does.

003. You notice the suits are usually blue or grey and that they usually have two buttons. You don’t notice the finer details of the formal clothes. You might be more into the sportswear and not care about the more formal looks.

004. You notice some of the finer points of Bond’s suits, like that Daniel Craig often wears three-roll-two suits and that Bond’s suit trousers are often held up with side adjusters. You might like a fashionably tight fit in your suits, or you might think that Daniel Craig’s suits are too tight.

005. You want a Bond-like suit, so you get one that resembles his suits but you may not have done quite enough research to get a perfect replica.

006. You want to get your suits from the same tailors or brands that Bond gets his suits from, or you do your best to get exact replicas of his suits. You might show off your love of Bond style on Instagram.

007. You sell a line of Bond-inspired clothes. Or you write a blog and co-host a podcast about James Bond’s suits.

Which category do you fit into?


  1. I’m a 4.5 I’d say. I notice details, cuts, rolls and cuffs, and I like to go for some suits inspired by Bond’s look or colour, but in a cut or with details to my own personal preference.

    – Martin

  2. I’m not sure if this is a valid point to comment on this article, but I feel the factor of defining a suit could also be put into consideration. I’ve had several compliments from people praising my “suit” when it’s just a sports jacket and shirt.
    I could easily picture people calling the topcoat and polo combination in M’s home at Casino Royale a “suit,” of which I believe those people will fall into Category 2 but not higher.

  3. What category would this be?
    “You are aware of the Bond Brands and use them occasionally, but you prefer your own brands, and although you keep the Bond style in mind, you use your own personal tailor to dress as if you yourself were chosen as the next James Bond”

  4. I’m a solid 005. I might purchase the odd Turnbull and Asser tie and I have one or two Brosnan and Craig era replica ties, but I don’t have enough to purchase whole Tom Ford or Brioni suits.

    One day I’ll have enough to get a fabled QoS Regency Base B suit… A man can dream.

  5. Level 006.
    But at the same time I have also developed my own dressing habits that tend to stay even when modeling an outfit after Bond. My 3 piece navy herringbone suit, made by Anthony Hewitt, suit was bought after watching OHMSS, but would be considered slightly more old fashioned than Bond’s as I bought one that suited my tastes (Slightly draped chest, and Forward pleated trousers with turn ups).

  6. I’d say I’m currently a 6. It’s fun to look back and see how far you’ve come as you acquire more knowledge and appreciation of Bond clothing and menswear in general.

  7. I must say, I am a whole different category altogether. I see how confident Bond is, regardless of clothes, but I also see him in his best when he is dressed in the very best. I “share” a tailor with him, live a lifestyle somewhat replicating his, work and operate in a manner similarly, but only insofar as to incorporate what is good, and leave what is not good to be desired. Also, even though I like the Bond look, confidence, and philosophy, at the end of the day, I still am Travers Alvirez, not James Bond.

    Pray tell, Matt, what is your analyses, if I can even be analyzed by the levels detailed above?

  8. I’d say I set somewhere between a 5 and a 6 on the scale. I have Bond inspired suits that are very similar but not exact copies.

    • In some cases it’s for the better. For example, I’m not quite bold enough to do five buttons with the last buttonhole larger as on the suits from Quantum of Solace. In some cases, getting an exact replica would be as expensive as the real thing! (Such as nobody really doing the curved on-seam pockets besides Tom Ford and bespoke tailors.)

    • Interesting how many times I have gotten stares when o wear a suit in california, especially if my wife and I are going to dinner. They stare as if there is something wrong with us.

      We take it as a compliment

      • Every time I go to work before Thursday without wearing a suit or jacket and tie, I have to remind my wife that I choose to dress that way to work and that I’m not required to.

  9. Anyone here use any brands that are bond caliber but not connected to Bond?
    I would be interested in anyone’s insight.
    I read Mr.Spaiser suggesting Kent Haste.
    I utilize Borrelli for shirts and E.Marinella for neckties
    Luciano Barbera sartoria for suits.

  10. As of this coming Saturday, I am moving from 005 into 006, I hope: my first ever appointment at Mason & Sons, or any tailors come to that! A big expense for me, but I’m really looking foward to it, and I have to say, their customer service so far has been nothing short of exemplary. Now, what to order . . .

  11. Aspiring 006 here. I do really like the pared down aesthetic, and as such Bond is a guide, and i don’t feel the need to be a direct copy. Bondian is a good way to put it.


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