(00)7 Bondian Clothing Items to Wear At Home


Are you all dressed up with nowhere to go? James Bond dresses in an elegant and comfortable at-home wardrobe, whether he is dressing for his home in London or a hotel somewhere around the world. Comprised of loungewear, sportswear and eveningwear, Bond has a diverse assortment of outfits to wear while staying in. Here are seven outfits Bond wears inside.

1. Dressing Gown

A dressing gown in fine cotton shirting or luxurious silk, the ultimate piece of classy loungewear, is a Bond classic, particularly for Roger Moore’s Bond. Moore’s first outfit in the role is a yellow half-sleeve monogrammed dressing gown from Washington Tremlett with a shawl collar and piping. His pyjama trousers match the dressing gown, and he completes the look with monogrammed purple velvet Prince Albert slippers.

It’s a complete outfit for the English gentleman at home. Though he may have been disturbed by M’s insomnia—or was it instructions?—at 5:48 in the morning, Bond still looks presentable in his customised dressing gown. Considering he’s wearing this for a meeting with his boss, it’s Bond’s original work-from-home outfit.

2. Towelling Bathrobe

For a comfortable and practical but less luxurious alternative to the dressing gown, Bond often wears a bathrobe made of cotton towelling or another plush material. Blue is Bond’s favoured bathrobe colour, and it’s a classic colour for a bathrobe. The bathrobe is best worn for drying off in after a shower, though it’s fine for lounging in as well. Bond frequently borrows the bathrobes he finds in his hotel room cupboards, and pictured above in Dr. No he is provided a basic example after being decontaminated from radiation.

Bondian alternatives to the bathrobe are the towelling onesie he wears at the pool in Goldfinger and the towel wrap he wears at the Shrublands health clinic in Thunderball. These examples are characteristic of the 1960s, but there’s no reason not to find creative uses for towelling.

3. Pyjamas

Luxurious British pyjamas made of fine shirting are another Bond staple at home, particularly the pyjama trousers. Pyjamas usually have a simple construction, with a camp collar shirt and drawstring trousers, with the focus being on the material. With a matching pyjama suit of shirt and trousers, it’s an outfit Bond is able to share with a special partner. In Goldfinger, Bond wears blue cotton pyjama trousers while he lends his matching pyjama shirt to Jill Masterson. In Dr. No, Sylvia trench borrows Bond’s pyjamas at Bond’s home while he is out.

4. Shawl-Collar Cardigan

Comfort is key at home, even when putting on proper clothes. Knitwear is easy to don for warmth at home or at a hotel, and a cardigan is easy to throw on over an outfit. In Casino Royale, Bond wears a shawl-collar cardigan over a t-shirt and sporty checked trousers in his hotel suite. Though Bond doesn’t usually go out in t-shirts, he could easily wear this outfit in public. However, it achieves its goal of being a comfortable outfit at home.

5. Black Shirt and V-Neck Jumper

For a casual look at his hotel in The Spy Who Loved Me, Bond dons an outfit in all black, in a shirt, a lightweight V-neck jumper and trousers. This timeless look is one that Bond can wear on a casual day out or for sneaking around a night, but it’s perfect for a relaxed weekend at home. In the modern work-from-home era, such an outfit would have an appropriate look for video conferencing while still being comfortable.

6. Shirt, Tie and Trousers

When Bond arrives home from the office, he doesn’t always undress into something more comfortable. In Spectre he lounges at home in his shirt, tie and suit trousers, having only removed his suit jacket and loosened his tie from a day at Whitehall. It may not be the most relaxed look at home, but it’s another appropriate outfit for working from home when one needs to be prepared to join an important video meeting.

7. Velvet Dinner Jacket

Being at home does not always mean dressing down, particularly for James Bond. For a fancy private dinner in his cruise ship cabin in Diamonds Are Forever, Bond dons a velvet dinner jacket, silk shirt and bow tie. A velvet dinner jacket or smoking jacket is traditionally worn for dinner at home and not at a large function or as a guest at another person’s home. While those customs have long been irrelevant, a velvet dinner jacket can make a special occasion at home even more special.


  1. In OHMSS we see Bond as a Bray wearing a light brown cardigan over the shirt, strides and shoes from his tick pattern suit outfit.
    I think it was typical of white collar fellas in the sixties to come home and rather than completely change out of their work suit, do as Bond has done and dress down the outfit by removing jacket and tie and wearing a cardigan. Of course in those pre-home PC and internet days there wasn’t much working from home done but I think this is a cool outfit and an accurate depiction of how fellas dressed down their work outfits for an evening at home at that time.

    • We see Roger Moore do something similar in The Man Who Haunted Himself, when he removes his shirt’s collar and put a jumper on over the tunic. It would have been nice to see Bond do something like this in Spectre.

    • That lifestyle blogger isn’t quite the right person to counterpoint with Huntsman.

      I know that a number of tailors, shirtmakers and high-end men’s retailers have been pushing loungewear for the past year. It’s a shame they didn’t show any examples of how beautiful loungewear can truly be.


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