The Narrow Pinstripe Suit


Moonraker featured Roger Moore’s first 3-piece suit as Bond. For next twenty years after this through The World is Not Enough, Bond always visited M’s office in a 3-piece suit. The only exception to this is GoldenEye, and that suit was actually made with a waistcoat though it wasn’t used. The 3-piece suit in Moonraker is navy with a narrow white pinstripe, but the pinstripes are so closely spaced that from a distance the suit appears solid. The white of the pinstripes blends in with the dark navy making the suit appear to be more of a charcoal blue. Overall it’s a semi-solid appearance rather than a stripe. Though it’s the first suit of this kind worn by Bond, Roger Moore wore a number of narrow pinstripe suits in The Saint.

The suit is cut like the others from Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me. The suit coat has a two-button front, extra wide lapels, straight shoulder and roped sleeve heads, clean chest, nipped waist and deep double vents. The sleeves have a traditional 4-button cuff. The lower pockets are straight with flaps. Apart from the wide lapels the coat has a traditional military-influenced cut, which can also be noted by its longer length. The trousers have a wide leg and are cut with a slight flare. The waistcoat has either 5 or 6 buttons but we don’t get to see the bottom. All we can tell is that it doesn’t have lapels.

The shirt is a light ecru poplin with a tall, long point collar and tab cuffs. Bond’s tie is silver with navy stripes (in the British direction) and dots in between, and it is tied with a tight four-in-hand knot and no dimple. Bond wears black Italian horsebit loafers with a tall heel, a style that might be considered too casual to wear with a business suit.



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