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Matt Spaiser is a graphic designer located in New York and the author and founder of The Suits of James Bond.

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  1. I love the website. While looking at the book, JAMES BOND-A CELEBRATION by Peter Haining, I came across a rare photo of a Anthony Sinclair fitting session (page 116) which I believe is for THUNDERBALL. The clues are Connery’s face is fuller than in the earlier fitting photos, he has a more confident manner about him, he is smoking a cigar which other photos reveal he did around the time of the THUNDERBALL schedule, and the garment is a navy blazer with lapel widths from that time. I enjoy seeing photos from those special sessions.

  2. Hi Matt it’s asking me to enter the Captcha to send my correspondence but it won’t let me enter it.

    Quick question anyway please. A lot of the suits worn by Daniel Craig auctioned at Christies were labelled as ’48R’ or ’48F’. Are these European sizes and do they correspond to ’38R’ UK? Thank you.

    Best wishes,


    • Try the contact form again.

      Tom Ford suits have European sizing. A 48 in EU sizing roughly translates to a 38 in UK. 48 in EU sizing translates to just under 19 inches, which is half the chest measurement. I do not know what the F means, and it’s not a normal length for EU sizing, which would be R, L or C (short). I suspect it may have something to do with the jacket being a custom size for Daniel Craig.


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