A Riverside Picnic: Gingham in From Russia with Love


Bond’s only outfit in From Russia With Love that isn’t a suit is a pair of swimming trunks and a checked shirt. The pale blue swimming trunks have a short inseam, an elastic waistband and a pocket on the top right that closes with a button-down flap.

Bond’s shirt is a large indigo and white gingham check with metal buttons. It has two patch pockets on the lower front. The shirt is meant to be worn un-tucked and the front is darted like a suit jacket (or a women’s blouse). The darts would indicate that the shirt should be more fitted, but the shirt looks too big overall. The shoulders are clearly too wide, indicating that this shirt was probably bought off the pegs. Bond wears the sleeves rolled-up.

Bond is also seen with a blue suit jacket here, presumably the one he wears in the following scene. The blue garment hanging over the seats is probably the trousers to the suit.


  1. From 'Samuel001' on MI6 forums:

    In the audio commentary of the scene, director Terence Young says the original shirt Bond wears he didn't like so he gave him one of his own.

    This "bought off the pegs" shirt was actually one of Young's!

  2. Thanks a lot for the information. But even though the shirt was custom made, it was not made for Connery and basically equivalent in fit to a shirt off the pegs.

  3. Just want to let you know the blog is nothing short of awesome, I check it every day religiously. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello Matt, is it normal that the blue and white check looks like a pale violet/ lavender and white check to me ? Or is it just a kind of optical illusion due to the combination of blue and white ?

  5. If you look closely at the third picture, you can almost see the label on the jacket as it lays on the hood.


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