1. After reading the recent piece in Vanity Fair about Tom Ford being James Bond’s tailor (again) in the upcoming film Skyfall, I got curious and decided to pay my local (Hong Kong) Tom Ford store a visit. According to the staff, the style Daniel Craig wears is the O’Connor cut, which is one of their slimmest suits. I tried it on in my usual size and was surprised to find how wide the shoulders are–I mean, it looked ridiculous on me. I went down a size to try to get the right fit, but the jacket waist was so tight it was literally impossible to button it. Just as a point of reference, I don’t have narrow shoulders; on the contrary I’m very average, so my tailor tells me. According to the staff, Tom Ford used Daniel Craig as the model for this cut (sounds a bit far fetched to me, but I’m just reporting what they told me), and apparently he is unusually broad shouldered. So just something to think about if you plan to buy the suit “off the rack.” Fortunately, you can order made-to-measure, though you’ll have to shell out a bit more for what is already a very expensive suit. Price really depends on the fabric, and I didn’t have enough time to ask about all the swatches, so I picked 3 and had the staff price them for me. The range I got was $34,000 to $44,000 HKD (about $4380 to $5670 USD), but I was told that the price range actually extends much higher. Hope this is useful.


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